Assessing Alternative Options and Refinement of Biomass Combustion Systems for Energy Cost Reduction in Greenhouse Industries


AMCO requires improvements to the alternate energy systems that cannot be supported by operating profits alone. This project is essential to ensure the company remains viable and that the company does not shut down the Biomass Plant and absorb such debt in its current operations. The project will increase the amount of green energy production thereby reducing the consumption of fossil fuels and proactively reducing CO2 disbursed into the atmosphere.

However a number of technical hurdles associated with the conversion and management of biomass and other low grade fuels are the major issues that inhabit their use as potential fuels.

The intern with the support from all the partners will work on these issues. MITACS’s support will help with timeliness of the project, assist us to get and maintain the best available technical resources for crucial technology know-how and transfer to AMCO.

Faculty Supervisor:

Animesh Dutta


Mathias Augustus Leon


Amco Farms Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Alternative energy


University of Guelph



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