Assessing and enhancing energy-production performance of wind-power sites in operation

Energy-production performance is one of the most frequently analyzed parameters by wind-power site operators. Carrying out performance assessments is not usually a technical challenge for so-called conventional sites. However, the complex nature of winds and their interaction with turbines does make it difficult to assess wind-power performance. To date, only standard CEI 61400-12-1, which assesses performance for a single turbine at a time, is accepted industry-wide. In addition, it is a relatively onerous method. Accordingly, this internship’s first objective is to develop new statistical methods to improve performance assessments for wind-power turbines and sites in operation. Once a satisfactory assessment method is devised, detection of any change in energy-production performance will be more effective.

The internship’s second objective is to improve, by various means, the performance of wind-power sites in operation. The end goal of the Mitacs Accelerate internship is to increase energy production at wind-power sites by 1%, which represents a projected financial gain of $4-5 million CDN for a 100-MW site over a 20-year period.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Christian Masson


Francis Pelletier






Alternative energy


École de technologie supérieure



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