Assessing Nutrient Retention in Sediments and Harmful Algal Blooms in the Bay of Quinte by Field, Laboratory and Modelling Studies

The impaired beneficial use “Eutrophication & Undesirable Algae” is the main reason that the Bay of Quinte was declared an “Area of Concern” (AOC) in 1986. External and internal nutrient loadings are among the main reasons for this impaired beneficial use. The development of a long-term phosphorus reduction strategy is a key remaining activity needed to delist this AOC. The results of the proposed project can establish an effective management strategy for Bay of Quinte and can be used as a guide to other waterbodies of concern in the province of Ontario, such as Lake Simcoe, and Hamilton Harbour by creating an integrated P model that would represent entire spectrum of P cycle for the bay and predict the long-term impact of nutrient release on harmful algal blooms. The project can provide the modelling framework (free) for the partner organization, support training course for using modelling and optimizing monitoring data.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maria Dittrich


Phuong Thuy Kim Doan


AEML Associates Ltd.


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry


University of Toronto



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