Assessing options for the regulation of non-medical drug use in Canada: a systematic literature review

Canada is in the midst of an unprecedented overdose crisis, with 922 people dying of overdose in the province of British Columbia in 2016. Pivot Legal Society has a mandate to represent drug users and advance their hu-man rights. It is embarking on a project to bring together drug policy experts across Canada and around the globe to propose regulatory models for all currently illicit substances. As preparation, Noah Quastel will collect and review academic literature, government reports, and community-based publications regarding alternatives to criminal law as a mechanism for regulating the non-medical use of drugs. He will create a report that summa-rizes and synthesizes literature in this area, as well as map the positions, and points of contention between Ca-nadian stakeholder groups.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nicholas Blomley


Noah Quastel


Pivot Legal Society


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Management of companies and enterprises




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