Assessing Regenerative Energy Technologies for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle (EV) is the future of sustainable transportation to phase out the reliance on petroleum fuels. Despite the multibillion-dollar market potential, wide deployment of EV is challenging due to limited energy storage. Regenerative energy generation can be implemented to compensate for the energy consumption in EV to provide the much-needed extra mileage. Apart from regenerative braking, other energy harvesting options such as solar panels, wind turbines, and vibration/shock energy harvesting have yet to be implemented at larger
scales. This research focuses on systematic evaluation and engineering of regenerative energy harvesting systems with computational approach, leading to market analysis and cost performance index comparison of hybrid energy harvesting systems, thus proposing a feasible high-performing regenerative energy harvesting system that is projected to worth at least $37.5B within the next 5 years for an annual sale of 350,000 EV units when successfully implemented in a leading EV company (Tesla) market alone.

Faculty Supervisor:

Kirk H Bevan


Yee Wei Foong;Salvador Valtierra Rodriguez


Mega Range Extender




Information and cultural industries


McGill University



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