Assessing Sport Performance Using Mobile EEG

Perhaps one of the most tantalizing goals of a coach or trainer is to determine how best to maximize athlete performance. In recent years there has been an explosion in the wealth of data related to athlete training and performance – such as a better understanding of athlete mental health and the impact it has on performance. However, there are still gaps in how coaches and trainers use this data and there is a disconnect between the theories springing from academia and the applied nature of this data. Our hope with this project is to bridge this gap by applying our knowledge of neuroscience to better understand how baseball players perform with an industrial partner that is using cutting edge technology to understand sport performance. Specifically, we hope to use sport performance data from baseball players combined with our understanding of neural-imaging data and mental health information to see if we can better understand what makes an athlete perform well.

Faculty Supervisor:

Olave Krigolson


Thomas Ferguson


Mental Stats Technology




Health care and social assistance


University of Victoria



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