Assessing the Bioactivity of Leech Saliva Extract (LSE) in Combination with Conventional Pharmacological Treatment in Vitro and in Vivo

Medical leeching can be traced back to the beginning of civilization. Ancient Egyptians, Indians, and Greek physicians used leeching as a treatment for a variety of diseases. In the past few decades, comprehensive studies have investigated the therapeutic applications of leech products and especially leech saliva. Recent studies completed by our lab have determined a therapeutic potential of a leech saliva extract component (BPS-001), with demonstrated strong anticancer properties. We have as yet been able to define how is it working and so this project seeks to uncover the mechanisms involved in it’s therapeutic effects. We aim to do this in order to identify other possible cancer types that may be susceptible to treatment and determine the optimal dosing regimen alone or in combination with other therapies for treatment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Emma Guns


Amr Ammar


Biopep Solutions Inc








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