Assessing the effectiveness of plain packaging in reducing smoking rates: A mixed method approach – Year two

Tobacco is the number one cause of lung disease and death in Canada, and Nova Scotia in particular. For this reason, tobacco control is the number one priority for the Lung Association of Nova Scotia. To maximize the impact of its initiatives, the Lung Association of Nova Scotia is interested in collaborating with the post-doctoral fellow through the Elevate fellowship.
The engagement of the Lung Association of Nova Scotia with the proposed plain packaging project means that they are supporting local and innovative research. They are also enhancing their advocacy for plain packaging by potentially using the results of the proposed project to validate their initiatives. Plain packaging is an emerging topic with great attention from the media. Increased media coverage has historically been associated with higher website visits and financial well-being for the Lung Association. By capitalizing on the academic resources of the post-doctoral fellow and his supervisor, Dr. Stewart, the Lung Association will support a project that is meaningful to their mandate. Working with the post-doctoral fellow, the staff at the Lung Association will actively engage in report preparation, workshop planning, and media components of the project. Project deliverables can then be used in their advocacy and research mandates.

Faculty Supervisor:

Sherry Stewart


Mohammed Al-Hamdani


Lung Association of Nova Scotia




Medical devices




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