Assessing the Effects of Low Impact Development on the Receiving Headwater Streams of the Northeast Pickering Land Development

The Northeast Pickering land holding was acquired with the intention of developing an innovative and environmentally conscious community. The proposed undertaking intends to implement low impact development features which manage rainwater where it falls. This rainwater management approach is an environmentally sustainable alternative to the common practice of routing rainwater through curbs and pipes to stormwater pond facilities. By changing the drainage characteristics of the land through the use of low impact development features, the health of receiving creeks and streams will also change. The proposed research will study the effects of low impact development features on the health and behaviour of receiving watercourses within the Northeast Pickering lands. The purpose of the research is to establish suitable natural channel design and construction practices. The partner organization will benefit from enhanced field studies that investigate the environmental benefits of low impact development features within a large-scale development project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Bruce MacVicar


Matthew Iannetta




Engineering - civil


Natural resources




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