Assessing the effects of neurofeedback through a comprehensive systematic review

Recently, principles gleaned from research on learning have been applied to change people’s brains. Specifically, there is evidence that how the brain communicates can be changed through the application of positive and negative reinforcement, a concept known as neurofeedback. Importantly, researchers claim that by changing how the brain communicates, neurofeedback can change behaviour and reduce clinical symptoms. As these techniques have grown in popularity, companies such as Neurotech Forty have applied neurofeedback to serve Canadians. However, due to variations in research quality, it is difficult for companies to discern quality research and where true neurofeedback effects are present. In the present work, we will undertake a systematic investigation of the literature to determine where consistent neurofeedback effects lie and provide an assessment of the quality of this work. The review undertaken for Neurotech Forty will allow the company to produce scientifically sound neurofeedback services, which in turn will allow Neurotech Forty to remain innovative and cutting edge.

Faculty Supervisor:

Olav Krigoslon


Thomas Ferguson


Neurotech Forty Inc.






University of Victoria



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