Assessing the impact of an electronic patient tracking board on organizational performance

This study will investigate the process of information technology adoption within the Canadian health care system in order to uncover the underlying promoters and barriers to technology implementation. The knowledge gained from this study will assist McKesson and other health IT companies to adjust their technologies and deployment strategies for effective technology implementation. Ultimately, more effective technology implementation will result in more efficient workflows and health are delivery. This study may uncover ways to improve work processes and reveal the process of hospital systems adaptation to new technologies. Methods to increase the adoption of new technologies such as new change management programs at Southlake and other Canadian hospitals may be developed. This study will help demonstrate the role of technology in improving efficiency, safety, and lowering cost which will help make Canadian health care more sustainable. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Anne Snowdon




McKesson Medical Imaging Group


Operations research


Medical devices


Western University



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