Assessing the risk of abrupt climate changes resulting from cumulative emissions and their effect on the occurrence of extreme events – Year two

The rate of the current climate change strongly modifies the frequency, the duration and the intensity of extreme events, such as droughts, heat waves or extreme precipitation. Strong rates of greenhouse gases emissions can cause a destabilization of a component of the climate system (e.g. the sudden melt of the Arctic sea ice). Such a phenomenon is called an abrupt change. The aim of this internship is to create a catalogue of changes in the characteristics of climate events (mainly climate and weather extremes) due to an abrupt change. The project aims to create new tools to meet the different challenges of local and national policy-makers and private companies regarding climate change. A focus will be specifically conducted over the Eastern part of Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Damon Matthews


Yann Chavaillaz


Ouranos Inc


Environmental sciences


Environmental industry




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