Assessment and Development of Swaged Mechanical Splicing Systems

An efficient utilization of reinforced concrete structures is highly dependent on the detailing of the reinforcing bars and their interaction with the surrounding concrete. Construction industry is gradually shifting toward incorporating the relatively new mechanical splicing technology to enhance structural integrity, accelerate workflow, minimize material waste and reduce project cost. The proposed research aims at conducting both experimental and numerical investigations to capture the actual behavior of a proposed mechanical splicing devices and to assess their structural performance when used in real structural members under various loading conditions. These couplers will provide solutions to existing construction issues related to surface bond characteristics and reinforcement vertical misalignment. The knowledge obtained from this study will provide Incon company with comprehensive information to improve their technologies and to enhance the quality of their products. The research outcomes will also be a valuable source for developing the relevant Canadian building codes and standards.

Faculty Supervisor:

Maged Ali Youssef


Mohammed Monir Makin Ajan Alhadid


Western University


Engineering - civil


Information and communications technologies


Western University



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