Assessment of aeration performance and energy consumption of different biological wastewater treatment systems for small communities in Ontario

Attached growth wastewater treatment processes such as the rotating biological contactor (RBC) have been recognized as more energy efficient compared to suspended growth processes. Hannah Environmental Equipment Inc. specializes in producing high energy efficient RBC systems providing high modular flexibility suitable for various plant sizes. The proposed project aims to assess the application of RBCs in the Canadian environment and compare that to current secondary wastewater treatment technologies in terms of energy efficiency, treatment performance, and environmental impact. This study will provide a comprehensive energy and cost assessment of the RBC ?technology and its capacity for greenfield and retrofit applications ?to increase treatment capacity, reduce treatment costs, and provide opportunities for energy savings and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. The analysis will provide scientific evidence based on real data from local wastewater treatment plants to allow Hannah to accelerate their growth and optimize their performance in the Canadian market with their RBC technology.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rania Hamza


Mohammad Elassar


Hannah Environmental Equipment Inc.


Engineering - civil




Ryerson University



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