Assessment of Climate Change-induced Geohazards for Ice-clad Canadian Volcanoes and Mountains

In Canada’s mountains, climate change is leading to the retreat of glaciers, permafrost thawing and accelerated snowmelt. These factors contribute to a significant increase in slope stability hazards and the risk of landslides, placing numerous communities and critical infrastructure at risk. Volcanoes are particularly vulnerable as they are commonly hydrothermally altered and weakened, thereby compounding the effects of climate change and further increasing the associated risk of collapse. Municipal, regional, provincial and federal agencies recognize the critical importance of effectively monitoring unstable slopes on ice-clad volcanoes and mountains in order to more effectively mitigate and respond to these potentially catastrophic hazards. By coupling satellite-based Earth Observation data with ground-based geological and geotechnical information, this project will help TRE Altamira develop a framework for a semi-automatic satellite monitoring service to monitor ice-clad volcanoes and mountains within the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt and ore broadly throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Faculty Supervisor:

Glyn Williams-Jones


Mahmud Muhammad


TRE Altamira Inc.


Geography / Geology / Earth science


Environmental industry




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