Assessment of Comprehensive Self-Care Programs in the Workplace: A Mixed Methods Study

The purpose of this 20-week study is two-fold. First, assess two comprehensive self-care programs on employee and organizational outcomes. Second, explore the self-care phenomenon. A single financial services organization will participate in the study. Financial consultants will be randomly assigned by office location into three groups. Group #1 will attend a comprehensive self-care program called the Corporate Athlete Training Program (CATP). The CATP provides skills instruction in movement, nutrition, mindfulness and recovery. Group #2 will receive the CATP followed up with ~60 minutes of co-active life coaching support delivered every 2 weeks for 3 months. Group 3, the control, will receive no treatment. Several quantitative measures will be taken before and after the self-care programs. Measures include weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, pulse, blood lipids, fasting blood sugar and employee productivity. Several self-rating survey instruments will be used. Surveys will measure work engagement, resilience and health. Qualitative data, used to explore the self-care journey, include observations, field notes, participant feedback, weekly e-journals, interviews, and a focus group.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Laurene Rehman


Sean Hennessey


Investors Group


Human physical performance and recreation


Finance, insurance and business


Dalhousie University



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