Assessment of DNA Ministring technology in cell transfection and the treatment of Colorectal Cancer (CRC)

Despite the power of gene therapy, its successful application to medicine has been diminished due to: (i) high toxicities and potentially fatal adverse effects; (ii) poor transgene expression in target cells; and (iii) extensive vector degradation. While viral vectors greatly improve efficiency, they sometimes lead to cancers due to chromosomal integration and may suffer from a lack of desired tissue selectivity. In contrast, nonviral systems have proven safer, but less efficient. Developing highly effective and safe DNA vectors is essential.
The double-stranded DNA-minimal construct, called “DNA ministrings”, are miniaturized-DNA constructs carry only the expression cassette (promoter, gene of interest, intron, and nuclear translocation enhancing sequences). As such, DNA ministrings offer a much safer, yet highly effective alternative to current gene delivery vectors. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Shawn Wettig


Nafiseh Nafissi


Mediphage Bioceuticals Inc


Pharmacy / Pharmacology






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