Assessment of freshwater mussel species at risk translocations due to river infrastructure works: A case study of Argyll Bridge and the Grand River

This project seeks to understand the impact of translocation on freshwater mussel communities due to river infrastructure works in the Grand River, Ontario, Canada. We will determine the recovery of mussel communities post-translocation, and place them into context with similar translocations from across the region. The work will involve new empirical data on mussel recovery from the initial relocation in 2020 to 3 years post-relocation. We will also conduct further research on mussel – host fish relationships, importance of environmental conditions on mussel health, and leverage information from additional datasets to understand long-term recovery trajectories. We will engage local knowledge holders to understand the local history and importance of species-at-risk including the Indigenous rights holders of the region. This work will deepen understanding of the ecology of freshwater mussels and their host-fishes, and advance best practices associated with river infrastructure projects implemented by our partners across Ontario and beyond.

Faculty Supervisor:

Catherine Febria


Lauren Damphousse


Dufferin Construction Company


Environmental sciences


Construction and infrastructure


University of Windsor



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