Assessment of local air filtration in hospital wards to prevent spread of SARS-CoV2

A major mechanism for the spread of COVID 19 is inhalation of aerosols and droplets produced by an infected person. Localized filtration systems (essentially an air purifier with appropriate inlet and outlet ducting) could provide an important layer of protection in the event that other layers of protection (ie, mask wearing) are compromised. Delta Hospital is developing local air filtration systems that would extract the majority of particles produced by a patient (with or without a mask). Smoke visualization will be used to ensure that the systems do not increase bed-to-bed transport of particles. Simplified design approaches will ensure that the systems “do no harm”, but assessing the effectiveness is more complex: this is the subject of this internship. The intern’s work will be primarily experimental, first measuring particle concentrations in an unoccupied room using a controlled particle source. Later, concentrations of particles and air velocities will be monitored in occupied rooms with and without the filtration systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steven Rogak


Myung Jik (Jim) Lee


Fraser Health


Engineering - mechanical


Health care and social assistance


University of British Columbia



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