Assessment of Physiological Cold Tolerance Mechanisms of Miscanthus


The Semantic Web offers a tantalizing new opportunity to share knowledge that is formally represented. While general visualization strategies for linked data are the subject of many current investigations, certain relations have a well understood meaning which could lead to custom visualization strategies. Our research proposal consists of three parts: (1) surveying the kinds of relations used in Bio2RDF, one of the largest linked life data resources; (2) identifying visualization strategies for standard and popular semantic relations; and (3) developing approaches for exploring and visualizing highly connected linked data, taking advantage of previous work in library and information science. This research will have direct tangible benefits to industry partner Wirespeak Inc. towards the modernization project with Library and Archives Canada and will further lead to strategic advantage in the area of visualization of Semantic Web data, from which new commercial opportunities are planned that will yield economic benefits to Ontario in terms of jobs and foreign direct investment.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michel Dumontier


Alison Callahan


Wirespeak Inc.




Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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