Assessment of soil quality and mycorrihzal communities and their relationship to the recovery of forest plant communities after wildfire in interior British Columbia

In collaboration with the Nadleh Whut’en and Stellat’en First Nations and SERNbc, researchers from the University of Northern British Columbia will look at the effects of wildfire on soil quality and mycorrhizal fungi abundance. Soil quality will be evaluated on the ability to promote plant growth by assessing available nutrients, soil texture and other physical properties. Fungal diversity will be evaluated in both the soil and the roots of established species. These ecosystem elements will be compared among low, moderate, and high severity burns, along with unburned areas. This information will provide insights into the recovery of culturally significant plant species and possible limiting factors to their recovery, to guide land managers in restoration efforts.

Faculty Supervisor:

Lisa Wood


Stephanie Wilford


Society for Ecosystem Restoration in Northern British Columbia






University of Northern British Columbia



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