Assessment of the Stoko Novel Supportive Tight

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), located in the knee, is commonly injured during sports. Patients who experience ACL tears often delay or choose to forgo surgery, which can reduce knee stability and alter movement patterns. Knee bracing is a commonly used treatment method to stabilize the knee. A novel method of knee bracing has been designed by Stoko to incorporate structural support in a supportive tight. The objectives of this research are to determine the efficacy of the Stoko supportive
tight in stabilizing knee mechanics in ACL deficient patients.
30 ACL deficient patients will be recruited from a local clinic and outfitted with Stoko supportive tights. These patients will then undergo movement analysis during walking, running, and jumping withand without the supportive tights. The differences in movement patterns with and without the tights will determine the effects of the Stoko supportive tights to stabilize patients without an ACL.

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Hunt


Calvin Tse


Stoko Design






University of British Columbia



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