Assessment of Tissue Viability in the Lower Extremity of Diabetic Patients

In Canada, people with diabetes are 20x more likely to have an amputation of their lower limb than the general population. Having a diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) increases the risk of amputation by 50%. Early assessment and treatment of a patient’s DFU can prevent amputation, but patients with diabetes often lose sensation in their limbs, and may not even realize they have a DFU. There are currently no easily accessible early warning tools for DFUs. To address this need, we have invented a non-invasive device for DFU assessment, and are now optimizing it for use in patients at St. Michael’s Hospital. We are also developing educational material to teach people how important early detection of DFU is for diabetics. Our device will allow early detection and intervention in patients with DFUs and objective evaluation of a treatment (eg. Dressings, surgery), with limb- and life-saving results.

Faculty Supervisor:

Karen Cross


Dragos Duta


St. Michael's Hospital Foundation




Medical devices


University of Toronto



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