Assessment of Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution in the Middle Grand River Watershed

The Grand River Water Management Plan is a collaborative initiative endorsed by more than 30 partner organizations, outlining best value solutions to current watershed challenges. The Plan identifies knowledge gaps, including the need to better understand the impacts of urban stormwater on the Grand River. The proposed research project draws on existing water quality and flow monitoring data to characterize urban nonpoint source pollution in the Middle Grand River and its tributaries. This involves regional- and subwatershed-scale analyses of data to describe temporal (e.g., seasonal) and spatial trends in phosphorus and sediment levels in the watercourses. Preliminary identification of urban nonpoint “source areas” will draw on water quality data and land use mapping resources. This work will address knowledge gaps, inform municipal infrastructure master planning processes (stormwater, wastewater), and provide valuable context for meeting future phosphorus loading targets to be established for Lake Erie under the Canada-US Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.

Faculty Supervisor:

Monica Emelko


Thadsha Chandrakumaran


Grand River Conservation Authority


Engineering - civil


Environmental industry


University of Waterloo



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