Asset-Based Community Enterprise Development in Bolivia Year Two

This cross-sectoral research project will track the process of supporting four nascent community-based enterprises (CBEs) in indigenous communities in the Bolivian highlands, examining the complex interaction of factors that contribute to successful CBEs. The four cases will provide a test of an innovative “Community-Based Enterprise Development Model” (CBED Model) as a method to facilitate and generate self-defined, community-led sustainable development with indigenous peoples that can be applied in Bolivia, other Andean countries, and potentially with immigrant or First Nations populations in Canada. The Canadian industry partner is seeking to support sustainable community development initiatives with marginalized populations as part of their emerging corporate social responsibility strategy. This research will allow them to assess the potential impact of the CBED Model with a minimal initial investment, before moving forward to funding and supporting this model on a wider scale.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mark Roseland


Gretchen Hernandez


ILSC Education Group


Environmental sciences




Simon Fraser University



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