Atlantic Canadian Beef Success and Opportunities

The purpose of this project to empower Atlantic Canadian Beef Producers to understand the unique success factors for beef production in the region and identify opportunities to improve their cost of production while mitigating environmental impacts based on the on-going work of the Beef Cattle Research Centre on the Canadian Cow-Calf Cost of Production (CDN COP Network). The project will implement by reviewing 12 Maritime focus group sessions, conducting interviews, synthesis of international competitors, and Atlantic Canada’s position. It will offer a unique opportunity to identify success factors for small beef farms, level of competitiveness of Atlantic Canadian beef, profit maximization model, and dairy-beef feasibility in Atlantic Canada. The findings will provide valuable information to producers and enhance public trust regarding the use of management strategies about the social and economic benefits to the beef industry and thereby contribute to the improvement of the financial viability of the sector.

Faculty Supervisor:

Christopher Hartt


Chanuka Swarnathilake


Canfax Research Services




Professional, scientific and technical services


Dalhousie University



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