Attitudes, beliefs and knowledge of Canadian physicians and patients towards medical cannabis 18 months after the legalization of cannabis in Canada

Recent studies have demonstrated the efficacy of medical cannabis (MC) to treat certain conditions like chronic pain. However, surveys conducted before 2018 have revealed that physicians were more reluctant than patients to use MC. According to physicians, a major barrier to the use of MC was insufficient information. In this project, we want to describe the attitudes towards MC of the Canadian doctors and patients 18 months after cannabis legalization in Canada. To do this, an electronic survey will be sent to physicians and patients. The ultimate goal is to identify the remaining barriers to the use of MC and make recommendations for medical community and public education on MC.

Faculty Supervisor:

Grégoire Leclair


Emilie Thomas


Tetra Bio-Pharma


Pharmacy / Pharmacology




Université de Montréal



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