Augmented reality immersive simulation for flight deck design and evaluation “Holodeck”

The aircraft flight deck has increased substantively in its complexity in recent years. The input systems are more complex, and the information feeds are much more detailed. In order for a pilot to interface effectively with the aircraft systems, the cockpit control functions must be laid out in an intuitive format. To do this, a trial and error approach is required, with meaningful input at each design phase.
From conceptual through to detailed design phases, the current human machine interface (HMI) design tools are not well suited for flight deck prototyping and design. The lack of validation tools and real time simulation capability using the flight deck mock-up limits the opportunity to perform early validation of HMI requirements in an operational environment. 

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Marc Robert


Maryam Safi


Bombardier Aerospace


Aerospace studies


Aerospace and defense


Ryerson University



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