Augmenting Visions of Public/Access: Critical Disability Studies and Publishing

The intern’s research project will involve the overlaps of critical disability studies, surveillance studies, accessible design, Canadian publishing, and intersectional frameworks. This research will be mobilized to (a) produce accessible digital platforms for Public Access’s website and their journal, PUBLIC: Art / Culture / Ideas that are not only compliant with AODA requirements, but innovative; (b) organize a symposium that will engage the above areas of investigation and bring different community stakeholders together to share knowledge; (c) increase PUBLIC’s reach and impact; and (d) publish a themed issue on surveillance and intersectionality. This project will assist Public Access to become a leader in accessible design in the Canadian publishing industry; engage more meaningfully with disability communities as its readers, contributors, and other stakeholders; and remain at the forefront of emerging areas of academic theory, art, and design.

Faculty Supervisor:

Mary Bunch


Julia Chan


Public Access





York University


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