Automated Escalation and Incident Management in Healthcare during Mass Casualties and Pandemic Events

In healthcare, communication and clear roles and responsibilities are critical in delivering care to patients. This is difficult to achieve in the best of times; during pandemics and mass casualty events, communication is the first thing to fail, leading to inefficiency, confusion, and ultimately harm to patients. This project aims to develop an automated system that escalates critical events to the required healthcare providers in a reliable and closed-loop manner. This would replace the current manual and convoluted process in place at most hospitals, which is slow, error-prone, and often ineffective.
The interns will be involved in designing a user interface that requires minimal input, and a backend logic and algorithm that can route information to those who need to know. In the event that certain providers or communication methods are unavailable, the system will be able to adapt and escalate the urgency to find proxies and other cross-covering providers.
With the development of these systems, Hypercare will be able to strengthen its product line and value proposition to larger and more complex healthcare systems.

Faculty Supervisor:

Loutfouz Zaman


Md Yousuf Hossain


Hypercare Inc.




Information and cultural industries


Ontario Tech University



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