Automatic Estimation of Walking Speed in Older Adults Using a Smartwatch

Walking speed is a fundamental indicator of health status in older adults that can be used for early detection of several chronic illnesses and smartwatches are promising tools for ambulatory measurement of walking speed. To address the problem of walking speed estimation in older adult using a smartwatch, arm swing motion during walking will be measured from older adults living in a long-term care facility. Mathematical models will be developed to automatically map arm swing motion to walking speed. The industry partner, Bigmotion Technologies is an ICT startup company which develops an Android-based medical grade wearable for elder care is an excellent candidate to bring the proposed technology into market. In a nutshell, the proposed research can significantly benefit the society of older adults by providing them with a cost-effectives solution for early detection and timely intervention of their neurodegenerative disorders and will improve their quality of life.

Faculty Supervisor:

Edward Park


Shaghayegh Zihajehzadeh


Bigmotion Technologies Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Medical devices




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