Automatic Tracking, Localization, and Action Recognition of Hockey Players, Using Broadcast Videos (Phase 2)

Automatic analysis of sport videos is an attractive research area in computer vision that is driving the sport analytics towards a more technological edge. By automatically analyzing sport videos, lots of information could be drawn that benefits the teams, coaches, referees, players and even the fans, such as: extracting strategy of the game, technique and performance of each individual player, performance of the referee in a competition, and etc. This area of research, although attracted many researchers in the computer vision community, is still in its infancy. This project focuses on automatic analysis of the broadcast hockey videos. Explicitly, in this project as the second phase of a hockey video analytics project, precise tracking and localization of the players on the ice-rink will be performed and 2D pose of the players and goalie will be extracted and will be used for recognizing the action type that is performed by each player and goalie.

Faculty Supervisor:

David Clausi;John Zelek;Alexander Wong


Mehrnaz Fani






Information and cultural industries


University of Waterloo



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