Automation of Low-Energy Welding Process for Aerospace Applications and Contactless Approach

Mechanical failure is a significant issue in the aerospace industry. High material and manufacturing costs make the component repair an attractive option, avoiding the need to scrap parts when defects are detected. Low Energy Welding (LEW) is a micro-welding process that offers several advantages in repairing sensitive high-cost components. Extensive work has been carried out with the manual process. However, the process is relatively slow and the manual process is difficult to maintain constant quality. Automated LEW process is then highly desired to make the repairs more efficient and reliable. The proposed research project will enable the partner company to automate the LEW process. The results can provide valuable insights to understand the fundamental mechanisms of LEW and optimization of the process. The proposed project may enable more opportunities in aerospace component repair business.

Faculty Supervisor:

Norman Zhou


Zhen Jiao


Huys Industries Limited


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense




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