Aviation engine testing cell training simulator

This project aims to develop an aviation engine testing cell training simulator to facilitate training novice operators. The final product will be an engine test simulator that closely resembles the existing display console used by General Electric (GE), except that simulation models of various engines are used instead of the actual engine. Novice operators will be trained with the simulator and their performances will be quantified. The project also establishes necessary and sufficient conditions for evaluating the effectiveness of the training simulator for aviation engine testing. The development of the ‘Aviation Engine Test Cell Training Simulator’ will benefit GE by providing increased and varied training opportunities for operators at modest cost; risk reduction during actual engine testing; and better operator preparation for a range of different operating requirements from non-standard, critical responses to precautionary and emergency scenarios.

Faculty Supervisor:

Nariman Sepehri


Harjot Singh Chawla


West Canitest R & D Inc.


Engineering - mechanical


Aerospace and defense


University of Manitoba



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