AWE technology development project – the virtual history of Fort York

Divani’s AWE Augmented Reality product is expected to assist Fort York to create a more engaging experience for the attraction’s 100,000 annual visitors. By combining the historical value of Fort York with the immersive experience of AR, the organization will be able to increase revenue to assist with its financial goals. Divani Films is expected to benefit from a successful rollout by generating new revenue streams from the licensing of AWE technology and/or forming additional partnerships within the tourism industry as well as other industries (gaming, sports, etc.).
The intern will provide research services to measure user experience (UX) and visitor experience (VX) with the AWE AR product on the Fort York site. Insights will be used to provide usability enhancements to the AR product, and to refine the overall value proposition of what is intended to be a unique cinematic AR experience for purposes of pricing and marketing. The research and analysis conducted by the intern will draw on business methods and approaches that are commonly practiced in UX and VX stages of product innovation, notably focus groups, interviews, and observation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Charles Davis


Jennifer James


Divani Films Inc.


Interactive arts and technology


Information and communications technologies


Ryerson University



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