Baseline and best-practice analyses to determine environmental and energy targets

The province of Nova Scotia is currently pursuing the goal of being the most environmentally and economically sustainable province in Canada. The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) is a major retailer in the province and, with the help of the branding agency Revolve, the NSLC would like to echo the provincial goals within its own corporate mandate. Environmental objectives are best addressed through comprehensive CSR strategies; this research project will establish the environmental targets and the associated management plan to be incorporated into the company’s CSR strategy. The applicant will use primary data to assess the company’s historical (from 2008 onwards) performance regarding previous environmental targets set by the company, while a literature review and analysis of similar companies will be used to determine new environmental goals. An implementation plan regarding how to best attain these goals will also be developed, thus allowing the NSLC to become a leader in corporate social responsibility in the province.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Michelle Adams


Liane Sandula


Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation


Resources and environmental management


Consumer goods


Dalhousie University



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