Best Practices in Aboriginal Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

Mentorship programs are integral to the success of startup businesses. However, there are currently no mentorship programs designed specifically for Aboriginal entrepreneurs. This internship aims to create a guide for a successful Aboriginal mentorship program that emphasizes a productive relationship between mentor and mentee. To this end, the project will examine: successful non-Aboriginal youth mentorship programs, including the Canadian Youth Business Foundation’s mentorship program; successful Aboriginal mentorship programs for established entrepreneurs, such as the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business’ Aboriginal Business Mentorship Program; and the non-business mentorship provided by First Nations Elders to Aboriginal youth. The project intends to culminate with a specific process manual that includes suggested points of mentorship engagement, principles for engagement, and tools for evaluation. As Nesika Management Ltd. aims to help Aboriginal entrepreneurs achieve prosperity and self-reliance in their entrepreneurial ventures, the company will benefit through the Aboriginal entrepreneurs who achieve success as a result of a culturally sensitive mentorship program.

Faculty Supervisor:

Brent Mainprize


Abdullah Saadan Ahmad Qureshi


Nesika Management Ltd.




Management of companies and enterprises


University of Victoria



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