Bid, Evaluate, Award (BEA) Cycle Analysis & Visualization

Measuring and assessing EPC project performance is an integral part of the management’s control function. EPC companies generate a lot of unstructured data. Visualization techniques have the potential to cope with such large datasets as are generated in EPC companies, by presenting subsets of these datasets in forms that provide useful insights for management teams. The project aims to use top-down approaches for the design and development of a data visualization environment for Supply Chain (SC). This work seeks a structured way of thinking that will help in formulating visual images of data and supporting interaction features to assist with the analytical reasoning tasks associated with various SC functions, singly or in combination, and related performance measures. Partner organisation stands to benefit from getting key insights into their existing data, using visualization tools to make timely and effective decision making on project performance and progress.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rajbir Bhatti


Maryam Youhana


Fluor Canada Ltd





Mount Royal University



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