Bidirectional seismic site response analysis of granular soil deposits

Seismic response analysis are evaluations that aim to capture how the geological and geotechnical properties of soil deposits at a particular site affect earthquake motions at ground level. Commonly, this type of analysis is performed by assuming the soil layers are horizontal and that the earthquake motion travels in only one direction. However, in reality soil layers are heterogeneous and earthquake motions travel in three directions: two horizontals and one vertical. This combined effect is known as multidirectional loading. Recent research has shown that these characteristics may be of importance for the design of major structures, in particular for coarse-grained materials such as sands. The objective of this research is to evaluate how this multidirectional loading affects the response of coarse-grained soil deposits and sloping ground. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Mahdi Taiebat


Andres Reyes


BGC Engineering


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure




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