BIM-based Seismic Performance Assessment of Buildings for Post-Earthquake Rehabilitation

As many of the existing buildings are reaching almost the end of their actual design life, new buildings are replacing them with more innovative and complicated technologies. At the same time, there are concerns and uncertainties about probabilistic structural failures and undesired structural system behaviors. The performance of these building under loads such as earthquakes and other natural disasters are of great interest. Therefore, seismic damage assessment of buildings for post-earthquake rehabilitation have received significant attention in the rcent times. It is important to improve the resilience of these buildings and minimize the loss due to natural hazards. The proposed study aims to improve existing seismic damage assessment of buildings and provide a mechanism for visualization of their performance and damage states based on the data from on-board instrumentation.

Faculty Supervisor:

Ashutosh Bagchi


Sam Bahmanoo


9420410 Canada Inc


Engineering - civil



Concordia University



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