Biocarbon gasification for fuel cell applications

The goal of this research project is to develop a gasifier to provide a gcleanh (e.g. low in tars) syngas for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) applications. The intern will be involved in designing and building the prototype gasifier, and in designing experiments to determine the relationship between operating conditions and syngas quality. SOFCs have high electricity conversion efficiencies and can be used for small]scale community combined heat and power applications. One of the current limitations to using SOFCs as efficient bioenergy processes is the negative impact of tars and other contaminants typically present in syngas derived from biomass. Using biocarbon from Alterna Energyfs slow biomass pyrolysis process as a gasifier substrate will greatly reduce the undesirable tars in the syngas, potentially eliminating the requirement for expensive gas clean up.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Steve Helle


Nick Finch


Alterna Energy Inc.


Resources and environmental management


Alternative energy


University of Northern British Columbia



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