Biogeocemenation of a Coal Mine Tailings Pond

A decommissioned mine facility in Canada is looking for a new and innovative way to handle mine waste and reclaim the mine site. The potential solution to this problem is the use of microorganisms which are capable of producing calcite, or cement, as part of their natural biological process. These microorganisms will be combined with the mine tailings in test cells in the lab to produce a cement, which will then be tested for milestones like strength and moisture content. BGC Engineering Inc. is involved in this project and will provide access to their geotechnical testing facilities and assist in establishing meaningful protocols for sample collection and testing for the pilot scale experiments which can then be used in larger scales in mines across Canada.

Faculty Supervisor:

Pascale Champagne


Nicole Woodcock


BGC Engineering


Engineering - civil


Mining and quarrying


Queen's University



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