Biologic Therapies in Rheumatoid Arthritis

This project will profile the use of new drugs of rheumatoid arthritis, in a population-based sample. Potential differences in the use of these agents will be examined to identify discrepancies in drug use patterns across demographics, which could be addressed through targeted strategies. Our proposal is timely in terms of increasing attention on the part of policy-makers regarding "better, more coordinated evaluation of drug safety and effectiveness" and targeted intitiatives to increase knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of drugs in population-based samples. The methods and approaches that we develop will be broadly applicable to observational assessments of patterns of drug use, especially in the case of newer and/or more expensive agents. This will be important in terms of interactions dealing with regulatory affairs, drug use management within provinces and regional health authorities, national, provincial, and regional surveillance initiatives, and other evaluation of marketed health products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Elham Rahme


Ryan Ng


Pfizer Canada Inc.


Pharmacy / Pharmacology


Life sciences


McGill University



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