Bioprocessing of microalgae for functional food applications

Microalgae have potential for use in both the food and feed industries. It is already used in a number of different applications, including biofuels, flavour enhancers, colouring agents and emulsification agents, as well as sources of protein, polysaccharides, lipids and vitamins. Microalgae also contains proteins which can serve as precursor of small fragment (3-20 amino acids), or peptides, that have functions beyond their nutritional value. The peptides potentially act as antioxidants, regulate immune response and lower blood pressure during hypertension. Although there is evidence that these peptides can serve a functional role, the optimal extraction techniques for microalgae peptide production have not been identified. This project will focus on determining the processing techniques for the production of microalgae peptides and evaluating
their cellular antioxidative properties for potential use as functional ingredients in food for health products.

Faculty Supervisor:

Chibuike Udenigwe


Stephanie Collins


Algaculture International Inc.


Environmental sciences




Dalhousie University



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