Biphasic CO2 extraction/stripping of bioactive compounds from fermentation overlays

Recent studies have shown that cannabinoids can control chronic pain and muscle spasms as well as other diseases related to chemotherapy, AIDS and epilepsy, therefore it is very important to investigate about cannabinoids. However, it is very difficult to strip it out cheaply from the triglyceride oil while securing high purity and high concentration level; and this challenge may limit its use for medical purposes. The proposed solution to tackle the problem is to develop a liquid (CO2)-liquid or (scCO2)-liquid extraction process using unique counter-current extraction column. This can be achieved by passing a high oleic sunflower stream containing the compound of interest (free fatty acid) counter-currently to a solvent stream containing liquid or supercritical CO2. Accordingly, improving the quality of products can lead to an increase in sales and profits for the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

Paul Charpentier


Dicho Zomaya


LAVVAN Canada Inc


Engineering - chemical / biological




Western University



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