Blood flow within microfluidic conduits

A current area of focus at SMT Americas is to develop injection-moulding methods for medical lab-on-chip (LOC) devices, particularly to transport and process blood and plasma while eliminating conduits clogging and reducing sample loss. This project will evaluate the effect of flow conditions on viscosity of samples, and the adequacy of conduit structures achieved with SMT Americas’ technology for cell separation. The resulting data and analysis will aid the intern to support particular segments of her project in developing a point of care microfluidic chip that separates blood plasma from its cells for sample sizes less than 100?L. SMT Americas will understand and resolve their current limitations in developing conduits for cell separation, with further objectives to increase the blood and plasma flow rates within their micro-conduits, while reducing sample loss.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dana Grecov


Arian Amirkeyvan


SMT Americas


Engineering - biomedical




University of British Columbia



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