Bobolink and eastern meadowlark occupancy in different agricultural land cover types

The bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) and eastern meadowlark (Sturnella magna) are listed as a species at risk in several Canadian provinces. Both songbird species are most abundant in Ontario and breed in hayfields, pastures, and other grassland-like environments. Ontario’s Endangered Species Act (ESA) seeks to protect these species by regulating activities that negatively affect their habitat. Improving our understanding of the breeding habitat used by these species will provide important science-based guidance in developing conservation solutions that minimize the economic impact on agricultural operations. This project aims to examine how frequently bobolink and eastern meadowlark occur in various land cover types (including hayfield, pasture, grassland, and grain crops) within regions predicted as having high and low abundance of these species (based on results of the second Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas). Results from this project will benefit both partner organizations, DG Taylor Inc. and Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario (BECO), by providing new ecological information that can lead to better-informed conservation strategies and mitigation activities.

Faculty Supervisor:

Yolanda Wiersma


Katherine Robbins


Bird Ecology and Conservation Ontario




Environmental industry


Memorial University of Newfoundland



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