Bond dependent shear behaviour of hollow core plank core plugs

Hollow core planks are used as floor systems in some structures. These planks are precast offsite of the structure and shipped to the building site for installation. They rely on the use of prestressing steel to help span large distances with minimal depth. The planks have several large voids in the interior of the concrete cross-section which results in a lower weight, more efficient structural element. These voids can cause strength problems in some circumstances, but this is mitigated by selectively filling the voids with concrete after casting of the planks. This research project studies the effect of casting the void fill plugs at different times after the construction of the planks on the strength of the system. A series of experimental tests of planks with various void fill scenarios will be tested to failure and the results will be used to provide design guidance and construction best practices.

Faculty Supervisor:

Alan Lloyd


Taylor Quinlan


Strescon Limited


Engineering - civil


Construction and infrastructure


University of New Brunswick



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