Borders in Globalization – Vision for facilitating multi-modal preclearance in Southern Vancouver Island

Canada and US governments have committed to establishing preclearance for land, rail and sea travelers in a manner similar to that for air travel. While the primary reason for this is security, preclearance presents an opportunity to streamline journeys for travelers thereby creating better travel experiences and reputations for destinations.
The federal governments have agreed to implement preclearance in BC for those land, sea and rail gateways where U.S. Customs and Border Patrol already provide pre-inspection services. In Victoria, this currently only covers ferry services to Port Angeles and Seattle through Belleville Terminal.
The objective of this proposed research is to generate a report for Tourism Victoria and its stakeholders which examines the economic and social impact of preclearance for tourism in Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula including U.S. tourism growth projections, interest from operators and port operators, benefits to the region, information about CBP and CBSA priorities and concerns.

Faculty Supervisor:

Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly


Alex Norfolk


Tourism Victoria


Public administration


Sports and recreation




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