Brain Decoding Models for neurodegenerative disease aided diagnosis and classification

Globally, brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Epilepsy have a huge toll on patients, loved ones, and healthcare systems. The research project aims to establish a model to better diagnose neurodegenerative diseases. There is a wealth of clinical test data, symptoms, and observations associated with the long list of neurodegenerative diseases. In order to better understand underlying causes of these diseases, neuroinformaticians are developing software tools to link the volumes of data to underlying causes of each brain-related illness. The research aims to apply computational tools and approaches to understand the brain and integrate symptom information to help interpret and treat neurodegenerative diseases. The project aims to develop a generic brain decoding model which would be able to aid diagnosis, understanding, and patient treatment. The project is a significant undertaking given the structural, functional, and environmental variables across patients thus making diagnosis particularly challenging.

Faculty Supervisor:

Rustom Bhiladvala


Timmons Wong



Engineering - mechanical



University of Victoria


Globalink Research Award

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